So...the retarted girl (me) are back..
i dump my blog ..haha..
im an alien..haha...i less communicate..
*or maybe im the alien that less talking? XDD

im lazy to update..
anyone miss my blog?
i love my blog reader..
I dun tend to be famous..
i just love ppl readings my crap..
tons of crappy word ..
and i was so so so emotional these few days..
Until all my frenz keep complaining..
im sry ..
i will less posting EMO status edi :D

i try to be strong..
i make myself busier and busier..
i hang out with buddies..
i do sorts of stupid thg..but im still a crying baby :[
any videos that can cheer me up?

Leave me a Comment :)

so i will be catch up more thgs to share soon..
Hopefully i can fly to Singapore very soon..
gotta leave Malaysia :)

enjoy this mv..
I heart 2NE1 <333


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