Twenty - Six

I neglected my blog again .. *shytt*
Someone say i shud have update my blog..
cuz everytime click also dun have new post..
*really meh??*

Happy la gt ppl check my blog! XD
I really dont know what shud i write sometimes..
they say..
blog is whr u express ur feelings or maybe sharing what u wanna share out..
But i guess my life is too bored ..
Not as fun and as colourful as u guys think..

ehh..but nevermind la..
i dun wan this post to be so down and emo..

Well, u see i just finish my World environment day event  last saturday!
Teehee .. 

Started my morning with MCD breakfast!
Hahaha.. Apple pie is 
and and and.....i started to love kids!!!!! 
especially mixed one!
They look super duper cute until i feel like bite them!!!!!!
grrrrr.. den their parent will use their leg and kick me away edi.. hahaha..

Meet the kids! +
Me me me ! 

Vino and the kids ! 
The girl name Amy and the boy name................. err.........
*sry jie jie forgot jor ur name* omg..

Spot me again ..talking to the kids parent..
nt grandparent and he is not the Kentucky chicken man also.. 
Love their parent la.. the kids can be half caucasian and half indonesian chinese..
damm jealous.. 
But i also proud to be malaysian ..
cuz i can eat alot Nasi lemak and roti canai and Har mee and wan tan mee and alot meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

Okay i know i sound so dumb.. o.o

The wall painting for da kids  ♥ ♥ 
cuteeeeeeeeee kids!!

Group picture :)
and senior picture !

At the end..
the paper clip i do dint sold out..
only sold out two piece! Yeahhhhhhhh.. and the handcraft i do
all sold out.. all loved by kids !!!!! Happy ^^

So.....im done now !
Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee XD


Rotten Cookie

Meets the newest sick cookie ever!!!!
The one that was blogging now.. =..=
I caught a cold..
keeping sneezing from today morning until college and then..
till KLCC and then until i get home.. and then i sneeze sneeze sneeze until now... =...=
Pity me~ Lack of Vitamin is it?
Luckily tmrw no class... at least i can still grab some rest .___.

See .___. panda eye all come out edi .. 
If it wasn't for the macaron..
i wont go KLCC cuz i promises Queenie to buy macaron for her assignment..
Guess wad?
I uses 4 packs of tissue and a bunch of San Francisco Coffee tissue !! XDDDDD

=..= the 2pid macaron and black coffee ~

I love macarons..
But why they seems like not much ppl selling it at Malaysia?
Too sweet?
Too small?
Whatever .___.

Oh bout last saturday,
went to Yiepiyaya studio for magazine shoot..
erm.. and i cant post out the picture before the 1# Ray magazine is publish..
so sry my reader..
stay tuned or do buy the mag if u wanna see my ugly face ! =D


First handmade bear bear to be sold on Ikea event which is coming soon
by this Saturday~
I really use my own hand to stich every little part of it .___.
Cant believable i had done such girlish thingy for this coming event..
I hopes kids wud luv it :X

So stay tuned for more information !
Goodnight =)


lazy bump 0714

Call me a lazy bump!

I had been telling myself to update my blog..
And i try and try and try.. so three days had pass =X
Forget it ~
At least im blogging nw right?? 
*and i neglected my animation assignment! Sigh*

I dun like drawing and then draw again while i gt no idea to do..
I dun like storyboard either .... 

l Feel like banging the wall..
So = = then faint..
but after awaken ..need draw also !!!!! OMGOSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i had write too much crap.. OH FML~ 

Oh ya~ check out what i bought today ~ ~

Tadaa~ My new fave item of the week !!
Erm..wad shud i call this stuff as?
Girlishy phone hanger?
oh whatever~ * i wonder why i buy stuff with PINK colour? 
i tot i hate pink ! 囧 

Next !!!!!
Mask mask!!
I always bought mask from Nature Republic ~
Cuz cuz cuz i think they gimme a pretty smooth skin after apply it!
I wish the company know that im their number 1 Fans ~~
Not because of Rain as their previous ambassador~ LOL 

Bought tea leaf and green tea mask ~ *Guys sure say WTF?*
Im trying this new mask ..
cuz my FAVOURITE ylang ylang mask out of stock AGAIN !!! Damm!!!!
I hope they restock it pretty pretty fast kayyyyyyyy??
Tea tree & Ylang ylang this mask really x578898078900 Damm COOL!
I freaking luv it..
i mean u guys can feel right hw much im craving for this mask? Right?
For very 1st time when i haven bought this mask..
The promoter tells me hw much every customer luv it n he talk alot
and alot and alot so i just bought it so he can shut his mouth ~ Ya is a *GUY*~ LOL!
and so on..he really dint bluff.. =.=
Its like magic..
my blemish and pores all gone..
smooth like baby face ~~ WTF

P/s: Random stuff i got from attending The Food & beverage Trade fair.. 

tea from taiwan and er..
registration tag.. gt name printed on it =.=
and Mag to refer on japanese model face expression..

Freaking nervous on this Saturday..
bt prob is ..
i gt no transport to go out for my Studio Shooting.. 

i feel so headache now..OHGOSH... 
Fine..head to sleep..
Ciaoz ~ ~ 


*rmbr click on the NUFFNANG beside this blog post ^^ *



Hello Yellow day !
How's everyone had been doing today?
Are u there on the scene with the BERSIH ?
or just stay at home and change ur profile pic into yellow ?
I feel so lame whole day..
I feel bad that i haven start doing my assignment..
im so gonna die..
sry for not updating my blog frequently :X
im not free to update and ... and and... ntg :X

So i guess i dunno wad shud i write?
Maybe congratz me that im going to be feature on Ray Magazine
which may premiering by this September 2011 !

*sample of Ray Mag in Japanese..

Its gonna be The first English Issue in Malaysia.

I wanna thx all my fren that got support me !
Thank you ^^
and this may also means..
i need to cut down my fatsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
and exercise more !
plus the most recent thingy that happened was..

1 Malaysia - A Touch Of Style event 
held at sg.wang ~
see here for more information :
From 1 July - 30 September..
While suddenly im thinking..
dunno our art still there or not..
since its been very messy out there today..

sigh.. i dont feel like writing anymore..
im sure the whole Malaysian will rmbr today.. 07.09.2011

Goodnight :X



♥ 02/07/2011 SGC


Sepang Gold Coast trip !
Stay Tuned for more picture..
Im tired ,, Need to sleep :X
Ciao ~

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