Hello Yellow day !
How's everyone had been doing today?
Are u there on the scene with the BERSIH ?
or just stay at home and change ur profile pic into yellow ?
I feel so lame whole day..
I feel bad that i haven start doing my assignment..
im so gonna die..
sry for not updating my blog frequently :X
im not free to update and ... and and... ntg :X

So i guess i dunno wad shud i write?
Maybe congratz me that im going to be feature on Ray Magazine
which may premiering by this September 2011 !

*sample of Ray Mag in Japanese..

Its gonna be The first English Issue in Malaysia.

I wanna thx all my fren that got support me !
Thank you ^^
and this may also means..
i need to cut down my fatsssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!
and exercise more !
plus the most recent thingy that happened was..

1 Malaysia - A Touch Of Style event 
held at sg.wang ~
see here for more information :
From 1 July - 30 September..
While suddenly im thinking..
dunno our art still there or not..
since its been very messy out there today..

sigh.. i dont feel like writing anymore..
im sure the whole Malaysian will rmbr today.. 07.09.2011

Goodnight :X


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