lazy bump 0714

Call me a lazy bump!

I had been telling myself to update my blog..
And i try and try and try.. so three days had pass =X
Forget it ~
At least im blogging nw right?? 
*and i neglected my animation assignment! Sigh*

I dun like drawing and then draw again while i gt no idea to do..
I dun like storyboard either .... 

l Feel like banging the wall..
So = = then faint..
but after awaken ..need draw also !!!!! OMGOSHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think i had write too much crap.. OH FML~ 

Oh ya~ check out what i bought today ~ ~

Tadaa~ My new fave item of the week !!
Erm..wad shud i call this stuff as?
Girlishy phone hanger?
oh whatever~ * i wonder why i buy stuff with PINK colour? 
i tot i hate pink ! 囧 

Next !!!!!
Mask mask!!
I always bought mask from Nature Republic ~
Cuz cuz cuz i think they gimme a pretty smooth skin after apply it!
I wish the company know that im their number 1 Fans ~~
Not because of Rain as their previous ambassador~ LOL 

Bought tea leaf and green tea mask ~ *Guys sure say WTF?*
Im trying this new mask ..
cuz my FAVOURITE ylang ylang mask out of stock AGAIN !!! Damm!!!!
I hope they restock it pretty pretty fast kayyyyyyyy??
Tea tree & Ylang ylang this mask really x578898078900 Damm COOL!
I freaking luv it..
i mean u guys can feel right hw much im craving for this mask? Right?
For very 1st time when i haven bought this mask..
The promoter tells me hw much every customer luv it n he talk alot
and alot and alot so i just bought it so he can shut his mouth ~ Ya is a *GUY*~ LOL!
and so on..he really dint bluff.. =.=
Its like magic..
my blemish and pores all gone..
smooth like baby face ~~ WTF

P/s: Random stuff i got from attending The Food & beverage Trade fair.. 

tea from taiwan and er..
registration tag.. gt name printed on it =.=
and Mag to refer on japanese model face expression..

Freaking nervous on this Saturday..
bt prob is ..
i gt no transport to go out for my Studio Shooting.. 

i feel so headache now..OHGOSH... 
Fine..head to sleep..
Ciaoz ~ ~ 


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  1. Hello! How r u? I am kok Fu sheng. I hav juz signed in for blog.... nice to meet u ya cookie...^^


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