Rotten Cookie

Meets the newest sick cookie ever!!!!
The one that was blogging now.. =..=
I caught a cold..
keeping sneezing from today morning until college and then..
till KLCC and then until i get home.. and then i sneeze sneeze sneeze until now... =...=
Pity me~ Lack of Vitamin is it?
Luckily tmrw no class... at least i can still grab some rest .___.

See .___. panda eye all come out edi .. 
If it wasn't for the macaron..
i wont go KLCC cuz i promises Queenie to buy macaron for her assignment..
Guess wad?
I uses 4 packs of tissue and a bunch of San Francisco Coffee tissue !! XDDDDD

=..= the 2pid macaron and black coffee ~

I love macarons..
But why they seems like not much ppl selling it at Malaysia?
Too sweet?
Too small?
Whatever .___.

Oh bout last saturday,
went to Yiepiyaya studio for magazine shoot..
erm.. and i cant post out the picture before the 1# Ray magazine is publish..
so sry my reader..
stay tuned or do buy the mag if u wanna see my ugly face ! =D


First handmade bear bear to be sold on Ikea event which is coming soon
by this Saturday~
I really use my own hand to stich every little part of it .___.
Cant believable i had done such girlish thingy for this coming event..
I hopes kids wud luv it :X

So stay tuned for more information !
Goodnight =)

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