Cloud nine

Hey as i promised last week to update a new post about the pic i post out recently..
Its actually a makeover photoshoot last two months ago..
My very first time featured in a magazine..
It was Ray magazine.
A very popular magazine from japan and now its edi have Taiwan version and so on the english version
for both Malaysia and Singapore.

Okay,i stop bla bla bla -ing..
I just bought the magazine and i was very excited and both upset..
haha cuz i saw myself im happy but when i see clearly..
I feel so fat.. = =
shud have diet more and more!!!!

erm,sry dint scan the picture..

the mag ! Yes it's SNSD..i bet alot ppl love them..
and also freebies !! Only if u buy from Mynews.com
It's an eyeliner..

Picture's from past shooting..

The famous pretty Josheen ma and the me without make up..
Horrible me -..-

Cindy and me :))

and that's the end of the post ..
I'm glad i had this chance to be featured in Ray mag..
Hope's more new chances will be coming for me ;)

and yeah tmrw going to Sunway lagoon for a crazy blast !!
Stay tuned to my blog.

Leave me a comment if appreciate .



죄송합니다 !!

Now only i blog blog blog :D
I'm having a final week by this month..rushing all my
leftover works and tons of stuff.
so heavy until i had insomnia for like two weeks edi?
damm tired..
i had huge panda eyes and my weight was like *gaining*!!!
Damm! That's is what happens when im not having enough sleep!!!
I wan back my baby skin ..
i hate fats..

Oh ya about the recent picture that i post out..

Seems like all my friend had been so shocked to see..
As usual, i don't really apply lots of make up.. 


okay this is me just with a base foundation :S
i hate the hair.. grrr...

and i dun dress like a lovely girl..
so probably people wont recognize me even if the had saw this picture..
its so much different..
Even my mum agree with dat..
she evens say her daughter (ME) was so

beh tahan = = 

and i shall continue blog bout those pretty pretty picture of mine *point up*
by next week..
naoooo i really got no time to resize those pic and 
relax = =

hahaha..stay tuned to my blog or just check out my
page from time to time :DD !!



C'est la V ♥

Feels like kissing this hottie? ? 
He is not a korean dude..
He's a taiwanese..
A super male hottie singer!!

Its him : Vanness Wu 吳建豪 

Rocking back in his new album recently! 

【C'est la V】

Luv his new songs featuring Bruno mars my idol !

His new picture make him look so cute and hot.
But i dun like picture that he had moustache..
i just dun like guy had moustache..wtf.

so let's step back and enjoy all his songs :)


Broccoli ?

#random post by an idiot like me who dint go to sleep yet :X

hahahaha..btw i love my new blog skin and the header.. 
lovin it..
Hw bout u? Nice?
Leave me a comment ^^
anyway..do click Nuffnang for me..
I need more pocket money..

Goodnight ~


Aglio e olio !

I heart Starhill Food :-)
Had a Primary skul fren gathering ytdy at there.
All i wanted was just to have High-Tea at thr..
although it doesn't really make.u.high.lol.

Its nice to have some tea break by the time between 3pm-6pm
Cuz some of the restaurant only cost u RM3.60 per meal..
yes i mean it..
It was true.. XD
My face don't cheat people.lol.

So i went to this restaurant which was between the live band stage.
Its name was SHOOK!
and since the price so cheap of cuz the food also kinda less la..
But whatever la..who cares.
Cuz u are eating at Starhill XDD wtf.

so let the picture talk cuz im lazy to write.

*Pasta clam Aglio e olio*
Damm tasty ! I swear that u ppl will addicted to its clams!!!
Fxcking tasty >w<

then after having fun at SHOOK! We went to another restaurant..

Fisherman's Cove .lol.

my frenz :)
*Christy & winnie *

This soya pudding was a blast! Freaking nice..
Im sure u girls gonna try it !!!
-.- i wanna eat again...*saliva dripping*

and this one i forgots the name.. x.x
before we left we had a waiter help us take a group picture :D
That guy keep say that he want use my camera to take picture..
-___- my camera is in purple colour.. nt pink la..
everyone keep say its pink .. -.- damm.

she is the one..My new baby girl XD
so let's continue..

At the end.. i dint really talk much with that girl in black..
I try my best to talk to her..
bt she was like nt interested to talk to me..I wonder why..
im so scary meh -.-
So i dun like her.. cheh~ *im so bad*

Love this restaurant..So mexican.. so sakai..

Gone to pavi also..
had been to the Tokyo street at last..
I found it ntg special..
except this huge Tokyo street lantern..

ntg special..oh ya bout the clothes..
i feels like updating it on my Facebook page..
agree?? :)
leave me a comment at thr if u're interested :-)



Boooooooo its Thursday night..Im addicted to Katy perry songs
 *Last friday night*
hahaha..........sound so lazy..
All i did was resting today.. Feels like i dint sleep well for 567890122180 days -.-
Had been sick for almost one weeks..
That's why dint blog much..
Oh ya! Bought myself a new cammie ~ woots..
whats that? Will show it up on next post..

*piggy and angry birds XD *
'I bought them for my girls..haha

Oh ya..forgot smtg..
Im going to sell of 2-3 pieces of secondhand clothes of mine..
anyone interested?




so err bout the price i already had it on my mind and the size i haven measure..
will update it again on the next post..
So plz stay tuned !
If u're interested email to *Kutzuki553@gmail.com

Okie la..
Goodnight :)
Wish u guys have a happy friday tmrw ~

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