Boooooooo its Thursday night..Im addicted to Katy perry songs
 *Last friday night*
hahaha..........sound so lazy..
All i did was resting today.. Feels like i dint sleep well for 567890122180 days -.-
Had been sick for almost one weeks..
That's why dint blog much..
Oh ya! Bought myself a new cammie ~ woots..
whats that? Will show it up on next post..

*piggy and angry birds XD *
'I bought them for my girls..haha

Oh ya..forgot smtg..
Im going to sell of 2-3 pieces of secondhand clothes of mine..
anyone interested?




so err bout the price i already had it on my mind and the size i haven measure..
will update it again on the next post..
So plz stay tuned !
If u're interested email to *Kutzuki553@gmail.com

Okie la..
Goodnight :)
Wish u guys have a happy friday tmrw ~


  1. Its good that you rest well today after so many days of uncomfortable sleep. The lack of good sleep might juz be the reason why u fell sick. On another note,the 3rd piece of clothing look so nice on u.


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