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Hey as i promised last week to update a new post about the pic i post out recently..
Its actually a makeover photoshoot last two months ago..
My very first time featured in a magazine..
It was Ray magazine.
A very popular magazine from japan and now its edi have Taiwan version and so on the english version
for both Malaysia and Singapore.

Okay,i stop bla bla bla -ing..
I just bought the magazine and i was very excited and both upset..
haha cuz i saw myself im happy but when i see clearly..
I feel so fat.. = =
shud have diet more and more!!!!

erm,sry dint scan the picture..

the mag ! Yes it's SNSD..i bet alot ppl love them..
and also freebies !! Only if u buy from Mynews.com
It's an eyeliner..

Picture's from past shooting..

The famous pretty Josheen ma and the me without make up..
Horrible me -..-

Cindy and me :))

and that's the end of the post ..
I'm glad i had this chance to be featured in Ray mag..
Hope's more new chances will be coming for me ;)

and yeah tmrw going to Sunway lagoon for a crazy blast !!
Stay tuned to my blog.

Leave me a comment if appreciate .

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