Aglio e olio !

I heart Starhill Food :-)
Had a Primary skul fren gathering ytdy at there.
All i wanted was just to have High-Tea at thr..
although it doesn't really make.u.high.lol.

Its nice to have some tea break by the time between 3pm-6pm
Cuz some of the restaurant only cost u RM3.60 per meal..
yes i mean it..
It was true.. XD
My face don't cheat people.lol.

So i went to this restaurant which was between the live band stage.
Its name was SHOOK!
and since the price so cheap of cuz the food also kinda less la..
But whatever la..who cares.
Cuz u are eating at Starhill XDD wtf.

so let the picture talk cuz im lazy to write.

*Pasta clam Aglio e olio*
Damm tasty ! I swear that u ppl will addicted to its clams!!!
Fxcking tasty >w<

then after having fun at SHOOK! We went to another restaurant..

Fisherman's Cove .lol.

my frenz :)
*Christy & winnie *

This soya pudding was a blast! Freaking nice..
Im sure u girls gonna try it !!!
-.- i wanna eat again...*saliva dripping*

and this one i forgots the name.. x.x
before we left we had a waiter help us take a group picture :D
That guy keep say that he want use my camera to take picture..
-___- my camera is in purple colour.. nt pink la..
everyone keep say its pink .. -.- damm.

she is the one..My new baby girl XD
so let's continue..

At the end.. i dint really talk much with that girl in black..
I try my best to talk to her..
bt she was like nt interested to talk to me..I wonder why..
im so scary meh -.-
So i dun like her.. cheh~ *im so bad*

Love this restaurant..So mexican.. so sakai..

Gone to pavi also..
had been to the Tokyo street at last..
I found it ntg special..
except this huge Tokyo street lantern..

ntg special..oh ya bout the clothes..
i feels like updating it on my Facebook page..
agree?? :)
leave me a comment at thr if u're interested :-)

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