Photogenic ♥

H-E-L-L-O !!

p/s; spot that kiddo entering the woman's toilet ..LOLL

It was a tiring day today..
spend my whole day with my buddies at Mid Valley..
become their photographer today..
took alot Epic failed photos and they make me laugh so hard..omg.
And they say they were meant to be so photogenic XDD

AND.......got nt much thing to update..
Just that i'm having sem break now~
Woooo hoooo~~~~~~

Today plan to watch the Smurf..
But all the seats had fully sold out...why monday also so FULL..
damm damm damm!
But nvm..
I had my wednesday and friday planned ! Woots!!
Must play and play and play before new Semester start!
ok lar..
gtg sleep ^^

Goodnight ♥ 

I super love this songs :)
Hope my readers love it too ~ XOXO

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