Sept september

Dear randomness,
here i am again..
being such an Epic failure ..lol -..-

I'm so tired and exhausted..
Keep going out and out..
I'm so scare..scare can't finish my final..
i wish i can hire someone evil to force me do my works and finish quickly..


oh yaa tmrw going to Genting with family :))
it had been many years i dint go..
I think gt 7 or 8 years...
It's going to be fun and also confusing..
Half of my heart wanna relax but another half was fighting ..
arghhhhhhhh i hate my assignment!!!


gotta calm down myself..tmrw 8am wake up T________T
Goodnight peeps !

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  1. wan chi always claim to have some sadistic/evil gene in her. Maybe you can hire her. hahaah.


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