Hello fridayy afternoon..
It had been a tiring day for me since ytdy.
I spend most of my time hanging out with my college mates and Sing k!!!
Yeshh and now i barely talk clearly ..
Gosh ..throat pain.. *bt nevermind la..mum make me barley drinks today :-p*

So that's my look's of the-yesterday *grins*
and..i did a lot camwhore ..wtf..

yeshhh and that's my vyqueen :)
after the singing session..
we had gone to Pavi for some Cha-time ..LOLX
and snowflakes ~   ♥ ♥ ♥ 

Pictures credits to Mr driver of the day .. *sry no pic of him*
He say he looks so fat on every pic i took.. oops XD

anyway it was fun and super enjoyable..
so what's the plan for tonight??
hm..i guess i shall grab one box of takoyaki tonight for myself..
woots woots!
next week will start busy.. and semester break is gonna end soon..-.-
Got part-time job to do and so on..
Well then,i shall blog again next time!

Bye bye boooooo~ (winks) 
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