C to the L


I know i look retarded! Haha.. But i looks so funny .
Now i guess i wud still looking gud even if i gt big nose or heavy eyebrows!! hahahahaha wtf ! 
I just get back from my T shirt shooting ..
From afternoon class finish,
i need to rush to Wangsa maju for this..
The lens make my eye pain T______________T

But anyway, Its a great collaboration with Cut Out Mag  again! ;)
For more sneak peak..
stay tune to their next coming issue..
Click into their Facebook page for more info and also to see me inside it ! 
of cuz it wasn't this jail clothe pic i'm wearing..
There are 3 more pretty girls are featured in this shoot..
all wearing tees with graphic design on it..
But nt me..
cuz i'm special ma... *macam yes*
and had a great dinner at shabu 1 Lot 10 !
here the pixxx ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

-die of over fullness ~ ~  

More sneak peak to be exposed by next coming post!
Goodnight !

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