Teethhhhhh alert!!

Dinosaur teeth alert!!!
Gosh.This picture are like... .___.
happened two months ago and now i only blog about it..
i just suddenly have the mood to do this..
family is a good thing which keeps u happy all the time :)
So me and my family had one day trip to genting..
It was freakin cold by then..
i think it's freaking cold too by now.. i guess la..

So the kids wanna go to the theme park play..
and i was tagged along..
now i'm bored of theme park..
U have to queue everywhere!!! wtf!
Go toilet u queue !
Eat u queue !
Sit u queue !
drink u queue ! 
Sail boat u queue!
Buy potato also queue !!! Wtf..
I don't have much patience to wait actually..
I get angry easily if i have to queue this much..
I think u guys will surely feel th same.. = =

Let's have our pixies on show~
And be alert, it's my make up free day..
hope that everyone won't puke or ban my blog #forever when u saw my face :-DD

Oh here the #1 !!
Had MCD as lunch..
MY freakin double cheeseburger can cost up to

Then......Family picx and brotherssssssssss :-)

me me me me me : /

Bro 3 and bro 1 ..LOL!
Oh ya..
see what i gonna tell u pp here..
If u gonna play this boat thingy..
Help me say HI to this crocodile..
Tell him i miss the time i keep bump him with my boat!

Pic credit to bro 1!
*i look llike aunty : /

I was kidnapped by this evil clown to take picture = =
Lastly, random speed-running-hand-pic
snapped by me :-O

I know it's LAME!!


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