08/12 ★

Hi dearest readers,
Here i am so free in this holiday.
It's like a sin by passing my days with empty hands.
So then i decided to blog what i shop ytdy!
A new baby was born ♥ ♥
It was awesome :)
Lovin my new shoes from Forever 21 ~
It's great to buy stuff if u are a college students.
Just show ur ID and u get instanly 10% discount !!

Grey was super nice and their material was superrrrrrrrrrr soft
which make me drop out Converse and Vans from my shopping list ! :D

It's a must buy item during Christmas cuz they had year end sales.
Girls gonna luv it.

Plus i was attracted to this local brand tees,
yes it was the The Swagger Salon brand..haha.
so gonna grab it this week.
Stay tuned :)

*more followers plz
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

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