Hi peeps !
It's tuu tue tue tuesday~~
Its was a red and black night yesterday.
Party dinner at ben's Pavilion for my friend Melia bday :)
The carbonara really is a blast!
Now i know why ppl get super addicted to it.
Here some pictures of us ~~~

Yeah! The bday girl :))
Hui yee ;) 
my dearest weng sze !

Amanda :))
and no group picture at the end cuz picture not at my hand .. LOL
*Highlight of the day : featherly earrings from Forever 21. 
Necklace Bought from an illustrator artist :)

Forget it,
and oh ya i super love those art bear out side pavilion.
Of cuz i ran to take picture with the Korea bear. :D
but i look fugly. So no posting out ! OMG = =
and there's my girls.

and so that's it.
later going to meet my girls at Sg.wang.
Anyone going? :)

Tata ` ` 

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