Last Hour

Hey 2011,
u come and go so fast..
suddenly i feel like everything flash back into my mind.
I cant believe i wanted to end the last day of my 2011 just to blog.
Well i guess not everyone just wanna go out.
I'm not looking forward to my new coming year.
But doesn't mean i don't wanna let go my past and live forward.
Be strong la TSL!

Something happy or sad may do i guess.

# Had been crying for this passing half years like before sleep/once i'm awake/even when i'm bathing,
even on a bus and on a train? -__- wtf

# Having swollen eyes everyday when i go to college + work ?

# Had huge gastric and always faint due to my unhealthy DIET?!

# Had try to commit suicide once. (okay.i.know.i'm.freaking.stupid.at.least.i'm.still.alive.LOL)

# Had been a shopaholic for this while.

# Had been slacking for few months.

# Had cheated my ex a lot times. (woah what a great confession from me.)

# Had been in a relationship and its always ON and OFF.

# Had been having a very bad attitude this year. Always scold and shout.

okay now how bout some good one? hmm..

# Had been pretty polite to elders except to my grandmother.
  sigh.i regret that.

# Had started to treat my parents well. Surprise them with present lately.

# New friendship had gains. LOVE.EAT.GOSSIP. That is what i love~

# Never had been to a CLUB once -__- Good gua? really never been to once.omg omg.

# Kissed my dogs more than kissing my mum o__o oops~

# Had been keeping all the present i get from someone.
   I keep 'em save and clean ;)

# Er and i had really started to work harder on my last Semester? Cuz i did my assignment and pass
   them sharp on time ~ Yeah!!!

# I had Sushi almost 5 times in a month? :/

# I had slim down 4KG maybe? ;)

ok la..done with my crap..

Thinking bout all this, i realise i never had gain my resolution that i had make last year.
Maybe we really shud not plan big if u cant make ur dream comes true.
Except one thing,
I had my own camera at last :)

Resolution for 2012 !!!!

1)  Own a Smartphone !
2)  Lose my baby fat tummy !! Grrr... 정말 지방 !! >.<
3)  Maintain a long healthy hair.
5)  Travel to Thailand / a beach.
7)  Be even creative and more innovative than ever. wtf.
8)  Love my family more and more and more more more!!
9)   Gain more followers ! ;)

Done my blogging.Time to sleep.
Tmrw gotta go to work.
I hope fireworks wont wakes me up.
It's fun to watch fireworks.
But it doesnt sound brilliant to me if i'm gonna watch it alone.
I don't want to cry when i think about that someone anymore.
I'm tired.
I wanna create a better happier year for myself.


Last 19 years old face of mine :')

안녕 오래된 내 ~

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