Thousand years

I feel like i had been lovin you
for a thousand years.
Just that a soul that had been separated but our mind still connected.
okay maybe we are not.

Okay i say STOP being EMO u shyt head!
4 More days to my birthday..
The day of today from last year..
I guess now i'm still at the tower..
sobbing bout the present he surprise me..
getting my favourite watch..
a surprise christmas present...

all those smiles and warm hugs had gone..
and why i'm blogging this..
i really have no idea.
I guess i'm sad?
well, i have no regrets anymore.

Don't come back if you don't dare to love someone,
if u scare to fall.

Merry christmas.
I wish u happy.
i'm glad i can't hear you say u love me forever cuz,

#like a boss :)

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