DAY 28

Randomly I thought of my blog.
I had dump my blog #foreveralone again.lol.
So i decided to blog under this heavy rain weather now due to my boredness.
I'm bored till the MAX !
the only shok time was chillin at the movie with my frenz watch movies.

okay fine talk bout my cny..
I had super hot CNY..
No not that sexy hot.
It was a super freaking dry and hot weather at Pahang.
Everyday i sweat. It's like a free sauna process if u are me.
I saw everyone wrote that they were sick on these cny.
Why so many ppl sick one?
Gamble till late nights or drunk or eat too much cny biscuits ?
I wasn't looking forward for much *ang pao* this year .
Dont know why i dont have a CNY feel this year.
Feels so quiet and peaceful.
Oh ya maybe no.
The only moment that i was chillin by this cny was at genting.
Me and my family purposely go there for the fireworks cuz its really dead bored at my hometown.
We arrive there by 10smtg that night and its pretty cold.
It was a last minute plan i swear.
So i was freezing with my tees and short pants.
So not gonna post my scary face.

mummy playing with her phone while youngest bro show me his *CHOK* face. (jk.lol.)

Here my 2nd bro and 1st bro.
everywhere is crowded waiting for the fireworks.

So by Day 4 i'm back and at last i can enjoy some sushi ~
yum yum..

chuka idako my fave appetizer

Our sakae set.
mummy say it was nice~

the soft crab was the best ~
But cant finish it at the end..

Outfit of that day:
Top to the bottom all from Cotton On ♥  

Now i'll stop typing..
Gonna go party with the girls later.
Bye ~ :)



I wonder why i'm being so random today.
Woke up in the middle of the night.
Both of my legs are cramp. 
then i cried and sleep back.
I skipped my class.
Slept until 12pm.
Couldn't walk properly with my bare legs.

Soon, had brunch by 1pm.
Back home and online,
done repack my books.
Applied orange nail polish on my nails.
Apply facial mask..
On the half way, best friend came over.
Wash away my mask and friend gone to sleep on my bed.
Now left myself randomly update my blog and couln't sleep.


so how's u all ?
How is all ur cny preparation?
I haven finish tidy my room.
I need to tidy my closet.
it's like a factory.
A dusty ,dirty , messy and gone wild.
Like a haunted one.
Sometimes when i sleep i can hear moving sound coming out of it..

Fine fine fine.
I'm trying to enjoy my cny happily this year.
Gonna get partying,
ready to sip on those wine and dancin on the dance floors,
and going to travel with my girls,
finish my korean language book.
I'm trying pretty hard to get myself good at it.

P/s : i had a haircut and why everyone say it look the same?

Kay.. gonna end my random-ness by this second.

GONG HEI FATT CHOY to everyone !! ;)



Adv post

I told u all im so gonna gone korean-ish this coming year
cuz im so addicted to the new online shopping mall from KOREA !! 
yes im freaking serious bout it ~ ;)
Newly established in a foreign country such as Malaysia (our country)!
Girls, let's get superbbbbb excited bout this~
KCOORDI are only for u,u ,u ,and yes me.
To only girls that loves fashion & trend wherever and whenever to be a fashion leader.
If u are looking for cheap and low quality product,
u had come to the wrong place,
cuz KCOORDI only produce high fashion clothing with
reasonable price and excellent quality! ♥ ♥ 

Lately, i'm chosen to be the blogger of KCOORDI and im glad to be a part of it.
Here's an awesome piece of tops i received from them~

Of cuz couldn't left the awesome pic of mine.
Marc Tee from KCOORDI
(click on picture to Enlarge )

Done all my picture,
i guess people bored of my face :X

here the comes in grey colour too ~

I knew u are addicted now!
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Last but not least,
you will receive :
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So why not grab yourself one like mine today ? :)
Let's get trendy ~  ♥ ♥ 



Hear me.Feel it.

I had been a very big trouble for these passing days.
Can i tell myself to grow stronger and move forward?
There is still so many happy things waiting me to do it.
Don't make me say goodbye so manytimes.
I had heart pain all these single days.
But when i say i try my best,i already had.
Been trying all the dangerous thing just to get u back.
But,the conclusion is not the result that i want.
I guess i just have to make forward.

Can u hear me anymore?
Can u hear it from my heart tonight?

A song that makes my heart feel better..



No matter what happen tonight..
I use all my courage to win smtg back.
Smtg very important..
Smtg that i really really love.
No matter what happen..
I will try my best..
no matter how many tear drops.
We can make it..


I was a Kore-an?

Yes hey i was telling my fren that i am a Kore-an and ppl was like wad da fuk?
Are u kidding me?
So i give them a WHY-SO-SERIOUS-FACE

Oh well i was really kidding back then.
I cant say i was a korean freak.
Just a Korea lover .
I wanna go to Seoul someday.
I keep asking myself.
Why i wasn't born as a korean?
I could drink Kimchi soup everyday till i die. (macam yes)
and i can eat cold noodles,bibimbap and making kimchi with old folks,
drinking soju everyday,bbq every week,
bump with Yunho   on the street and hug him,  >__<
go club everynight to meet some real hotie.
Okay maybe not. -__-

i really wanna go to Seoul someday.
I wanna go Lotte World!
Go teddy bear museum,
Go to their night street and enjoy their culture.
Im dying to go there.

This CF makes me craving for more.
Oh god why im not born as a korean.
Well if i would i hope i wont have small eyes.. -__-

FINE. Dreams come true someday.
maybe in da future will got sponsor me ticket to SEOUL?
hmm..? Oh yeah~

So how's everyone 6 day had passed on this brand new year?
I had my new semester started.
Im on my Senior year nao..
im so happy my result getting better.
I had 2 A's out of 3 subject.
I'll really working hard on my education.
I wanna be a useful people out of this society..

Let me know,
how was ur days going?
Sweet or sour?
I hope its good.
K gtg down to acc my bestie's!
Bye and goodnight  ♥  

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