I wonder why i'm being so random today.
Woke up in the middle of the night.
Both of my legs are cramp. 
then i cried and sleep back.
I skipped my class.
Slept until 12pm.
Couldn't walk properly with my bare legs.

Soon, had brunch by 1pm.
Back home and online,
done repack my books.
Applied orange nail polish on my nails.
Apply facial mask..
On the half way, best friend came over.
Wash away my mask and friend gone to sleep on my bed.
Now left myself randomly update my blog and couln't sleep.


so how's u all ?
How is all ur cny preparation?
I haven finish tidy my room.
I need to tidy my closet.
it's like a factory.
A dusty ,dirty , messy and gone wild.
Like a haunted one.
Sometimes when i sleep i can hear moving sound coming out of it..

Fine fine fine.
I'm trying to enjoy my cny happily this year.
Gonna get partying,
ready to sip on those wine and dancin on the dance floors,
and going to travel with my girls,
finish my korean language book.
I'm trying pretty hard to get myself good at it.

P/s : i had a haircut and why everyone say it look the same?

Kay.. gonna end my random-ness by this second.

GONG HEI FATT CHOY to everyone !! ;)

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