DAY 28

Randomly I thought of my blog.
I had dump my blog #foreveralone again.lol.
So i decided to blog under this heavy rain weather now due to my boredness.
I'm bored till the MAX !
the only shok time was chillin at the movie with my frenz watch movies.

okay fine talk bout my cny..
I had super hot CNY..
No not that sexy hot.
It was a super freaking dry and hot weather at Pahang.
Everyday i sweat. It's like a free sauna process if u are me.
I saw everyone wrote that they were sick on these cny.
Why so many ppl sick one?
Gamble till late nights or drunk or eat too much cny biscuits ?
I wasn't looking forward for much *ang pao* this year .
Dont know why i dont have a CNY feel this year.
Feels so quiet and peaceful.
Oh ya maybe no.
The only moment that i was chillin by this cny was at genting.
Me and my family purposely go there for the fireworks cuz its really dead bored at my hometown.
We arrive there by 10smtg that night and its pretty cold.
It was a last minute plan i swear.
So i was freezing with my tees and short pants.
So not gonna post my scary face.

mummy playing with her phone while youngest bro show me his *CHOK* face. (jk.lol.)

Here my 2nd bro and 1st bro.
everywhere is crowded waiting for the fireworks.

So by Day 4 i'm back and at last i can enjoy some sushi ~
yum yum..

chuka idako my fave appetizer

Our sakae set.
mummy say it was nice~

the soft crab was the best ~
But cant finish it at the end..

Outfit of that day:
Top to the bottom all from Cotton On ♥  

Now i'll stop typing..
Gonna go party with the girls later.
Bye ~ :)

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