I was a Kore-an?

Yes hey i was telling my fren that i am a Kore-an and ppl was like wad da fuk?
Are u kidding me?
So i give them a WHY-SO-SERIOUS-FACE

Oh well i was really kidding back then.
I cant say i was a korean freak.
Just a Korea lover .
I wanna go to Seoul someday.
I keep asking myself.
Why i wasn't born as a korean?
I could drink Kimchi soup everyday till i die. (macam yes)
and i can eat cold noodles,bibimbap and making kimchi with old folks,
drinking soju everyday,bbq every week,
bump with Yunho   on the street and hug him,  >__<
go club everynight to meet some real hotie.
Okay maybe not. -__-

i really wanna go to Seoul someday.
I wanna go Lotte World!
Go teddy bear museum,
Go to their night street and enjoy their culture.
Im dying to go there.

This CF makes me craving for more.
Oh god why im not born as a korean.
Well if i would i hope i wont have small eyes.. -__-

FINE. Dreams come true someday.
maybe in da future will got sponsor me ticket to SEOUL?
hmm..? Oh yeah~

So how's everyone 6 day had passed on this brand new year?
I had my new semester started.
Im on my Senior year nao..
im so happy my result getting better.
I had 2 A's out of 3 subject.
I'll really working hard on my education.
I wanna be a useful people out of this society..

Let me know,
how was ur days going?
Sweet or sour?
I hope its good.
K gtg down to acc my bestie's!
Bye and goodnight  ♥  

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