Lady Boss

Picture's that i promised to show.
These are all chemically hand-washed by myself and
my babe's in the DARK ROOM.

Still more picture haven been wash out.
Gonna wash out more tmrw.
Too many girls in my class.
I guess they will never be a word finish.

Now i don't feel like blogging much today.
Just a bit of update .
I guess i'm still feeling dizzy today.
Awaken by 2pm today.
Too much Starker.
6pint in a row.
Drink same thing for 3days.
Beer belly gonna come out.

Idk why i truly hate misunderstand.
I hate when i know nothing and i got blame for hiding the
So if u gonna blame me,
just do it ,
or leave it.

I'm just gonna ACT like a LADY 



My Valentine ♥

Hey i just came back from my Valentine date :)
Went to Rendezuous Steak Garden.
What a long queue at there.
But had a splendid dinner and the food was awesome !

Fave outfit of da day :
Top from Zara.
Blue shirt not mine i steal it . :p

On the way there ..
camwhore :O

His Twin dunno wat chicken .__.lll

 Mine rib eye steak ! yum yum ~
No edit on my picture due to the nice lighting~

Super love this picture ~ ♥ ♥ 

Escargot ~ 

So that's all bout today. 
How is your day ? Do leave me a comment :)

Goodnight !



Hey readers,
I'm back.
Sorry i'm not updating my blog recently.
i had no time to blog plus recently i had been to many places.
I can't decide which to blog and which photos to be shown.
Wanted to blog bout POCO but abit lazy..
Wanted to blog bout the Full House i go at Sunway Giza and also
my Photography class.
I bet i had tons of funny old school picture to be shown.
So stay tuned for more !

XOXO ♥ ♥


Now every February

I had this lyrics line on my mind which are,
Now every february you'll be my Valentine.

Anyone can guess out it came from which song? :)
So u see its February and everyone had been talking bout da Valentine's day since JAN 2012 = =

okay it's my problem cuz i only get excited bout the food. 
I dunno why recently all my new blogpost was kinda random and bored.
Even myself wanted to puke when i read .
Sigh.. nvm.
Just wanna update abit today.

I had my first online food ordering from DOMINO'S PIZZAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA today!
And it's totally awesome cuz i dunno why i get so excited like a child.
Cuz cuz cuz i order myself and and and and and cuz im paying it and nt from my parents?
i noe.. im pretty lame..
I guess my friend thinks im over crazy of waiting the delivery.
You noe how cool to see the tracking of where's my pizza had been through?
I keep staring at the GPS tracker..
and im sure u ppl will be like wtf?

so at the end the delivery man got lost all the way to my house and have to call me for the way.
Anyway nice service they had !
and here's abit pic of maa FOOD~~

I ordered the Tuna one cuz i love tuna and pineapple and only cheese on my pittzaaaaaa..
Yes pitttzaaaa i mean pizza or whatever.

So that's it.
Gotta grab my pillow and be gone to sleep ~
Goodnight people ! :O
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