Miss busy bee

Meet me ! I'm really really really x100000 busy lately.
Having a new training job at Damansare..
Doing some media jobs.
It's T----I----R----I----N----G yaa 'no?
So here's abit update bout me so that reader wont miss me :)
Here's my picha of me going to see JJ lin last sunday.
Oh well, there's had been some crap happening and er i only manage to hear him sing one songs then
i go away already.
What's more he had super nice voices and i love him !
Oh ya, please give a big big clap to me here.
Guess how long it takes to finish my eye make up that day?
I used freaking TWO HOURS!!!!! ok i know u will say *dafuq* ?

So here's me with my light faded pink skirt.
Who's say is not spring trend for not wearing pastels colour?
I got mine and paired with O.kiely tops .
I'm pretty sure i'm gonna tell u guys i love this looks so much until i could die.
*i just wonder why i'm so crazy about~*

Luv the patterns~

so here's a peace from my love .
Goodnight ~ 


Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012

Yeah great news were having here!!
By this April , there will be a Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 ! *screammmmssss*
It will be rocking at Sunway Lagoon on 14th April ! (Sunday),
from 6.30 onwards !
The awesome thing was the All the Asian superstars from your favourite will be performing that that day!
Guess who's here?

Obviously my all time favourite LMF is here !!!

I'm a fans of them~
I'm not a fans of Cantonese song but only them i'm obsessed with..seriously i respect them !
I feel like they sing out all the meaningful words and 100% awesome! *just speechless*

Can't wait to see them pretty soon!
Oh don't forget there's still a list of super awesome singer~

Such as Jam Hsiao!

OMG really can't resist to hear his songs ~
I never stop hearing 新不了情 it's my fave out of all ~
I bet there will be alot fans fancy him like i did right?
Right right right?? The party gonna be so fun with him to be there this year !

Plus MC HOTDOG, Chang chen-yue the rock singer that first popular thx to his 1998 hit song 
*ai wo bie zou*..

Plus plus Manhand our famous local hip-hop band!
They had all the best own self-produced album.
Just love :)

Oh and never be less of  Paul wong & Ka-Keung (Beyond)!!

The most well-known band since 1983 from Hong Kong.
All their song i guess there need no explain cuz i bet everyone know their songs very well !

So last but not least , A-LIN !
The pretty voice Taiwanese singer.

Feel so excited now cuz all the superstars are here and i bet u don't wanna miss it!!
Now get an invite yourself !
Head on to the TAMF websitehttp://www.ilikeamf.com.my/

See u all soon, can't wait to see them rocking on the stage !! 


The Stars Media hub

Oh well i had a trip to The Stars the Hub last Friday with my college mates.
It was freaking far ..
Shah Alam big place that could make u get lost and its freaking hot bcuz of the sun.
I get burned.. = =
Before that , just bcuz we arrive early on the spot,
my lecturer drop us at The space.
Okay i mean space U8 the new and freaking empty shopping mall.
We have to wander there for 1hour and my time was wasted at this freakin place!

Tell you what,
never buy a single box of Takoyaki at there.
It taste like shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously just don't buy!
They don't know how to cook it.
Stupid woman spoiled my favorite Japanese food !

So that's the end of the trip .
Receive a handmade recycle banner bag made by single mother.


Glamorous ( KCOORDI )


Hey girls,
have u ever bored with you're box of accessories?
For me, i never say stop givin me all those pretty thingy.
I want more and more!
So guess what?
I receive a new sponsored Dosi Bracelet from Kcoordi!
Its a handmade accessories and all their accessories are imported from Korea ~ *love*
A super close up of my new baby ~ ♥  ♥  ♥ 

This is the most fascinate bracelet i ever had.
Seriously u can wear it from day to night.
No doubt,
my pichaa will explain it soon.

I wore it for my movie night ..
Super cute to charm ur Mr.Date :)
So do u think the same as i do?
Dear girls,i know you wanna own one. *wink*

So here how u wanna get connected to their ,

Facebook page: 


Currently Kcoordi are having some event.
which are The Ladder's game! (Open to all Malaysian only-March Event)
If you are lucky enough, u may win yourself an outfit or maybe an accessories
from Kcoordi.
For details click here:

Plus !! You get a 10% RETURN of your purchase price as a FREE Voucher 
by Cash points!
For details click here : 

So now BUY MORE and get FREE MORE!

Have fun girls! ;)



The Jill Stuart spring summer collection was gorgeous.

Pastel colour really make my spring mood turn ON.
I had crush on blue since i was young.
Love their new campaign.

Last but not least,
Adore Daphne Groeneveld.
racking up all the pretiguous modelling job.

her lips make u remember her.
Not to forget,
she's just 16 this year.


Feathers For grab

U know girls?
We all love accessories and never ever get bored of it.
Be fancy and be curious and get more fantastic ones .
Just like the fluffy feather earrings is the new thing u wanna own one.
I dont know u love it or not but i already own few pairs of it.

I'm selling too.

selling now Rm13 per pairs.
If you are one of the one that feel fancy to own one,
do email to : Kutzuki553@gmail.com

Postage fees not included.
Thx ;)
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