Glamorous ( KCOORDI )


Hey girls,
have u ever bored with you're box of accessories?
For me, i never say stop givin me all those pretty thingy.
I want more and more!
So guess what?
I receive a new sponsored Dosi Bracelet from Kcoordi!
Its a handmade accessories and all their accessories are imported from Korea ~ *love*
A super close up of my new baby ~ ♥  ♥  ♥ 

This is the most fascinate bracelet i ever had.
Seriously u can wear it from day to night.
No doubt,
my pichaa will explain it soon.

I wore it for my movie night ..
Super cute to charm ur Mr.Date :)
So do u think the same as i do?
Dear girls,i know you wanna own one. *wink*

So here how u wanna get connected to their ,

Facebook page: 


Currently Kcoordi are having some event.
which are The Ladder's game! (Open to all Malaysian only-March Event)
If you are lucky enough, u may win yourself an outfit or maybe an accessories
from Kcoordi.
For details click here:

Plus !! You get a 10% RETURN of your purchase price as a FREE Voucher 
by Cash points!
For details click here : 

So now BUY MORE and get FREE MORE!

Have fun girls! ;)

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