Miss busy bee

Meet me ! I'm really really really x100000 busy lately.
Having a new training job at Damansare..
Doing some media jobs.
It's T----I----R----I----N----G yaa 'no?
So here's abit update bout me so that reader wont miss me :)
Here's my picha of me going to see JJ lin last sunday.
Oh well, there's had been some crap happening and er i only manage to hear him sing one songs then
i go away already.
What's more he had super nice voices and i love him !
Oh ya, please give a big big clap to me here.
Guess how long it takes to finish my eye make up that day?
I used freaking TWO HOURS!!!!! ok i know u will say *dafuq* ?

So here's me with my light faded pink skirt.
Who's say is not spring trend for not wearing pastels colour?
I got mine and paired with O.kiely tops .
I'm pretty sure i'm gonna tell u guys i love this looks so much until i could die.
*i just wonder why i'm so crazy about~*

Luv the patterns~

so here's a peace from my love .
Goodnight ~ 

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