The Stars Media hub

Oh well i had a trip to The Stars the Hub last Friday with my college mates.
It was freaking far ..
Shah Alam big place that could make u get lost and its freaking hot bcuz of the sun.
I get burned.. = =
Before that , just bcuz we arrive early on the spot,
my lecturer drop us at The space.
Okay i mean space U8 the new and freaking empty shopping mall.
We have to wander there for 1hour and my time was wasted at this freakin place!

Tell you what,
never buy a single box of Takoyaki at there.
It taste like shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Seriously just don't buy!
They don't know how to cook it.
Stupid woman spoiled my favorite Japanese food !

So that's the end of the trip .
Receive a handmade recycle banner bag made by single mother.

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