Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012

Yeah great news were having here!!
By this April , there will be a Tiger Asian Music Festival 2012 ! *screammmmssss*
It will be rocking at Sunway Lagoon on 14th April ! (Sunday),
from 6.30 onwards !
The awesome thing was the All the Asian superstars from your favourite will be performing that that day!
Guess who's here?

Obviously my all time favourite LMF is here !!!

I'm a fans of them~
I'm not a fans of Cantonese song but only them i'm obsessed with..seriously i respect them !
I feel like they sing out all the meaningful words and 100% awesome! *just speechless*

Can't wait to see them pretty soon!
Oh don't forget there's still a list of super awesome singer~

Such as Jam Hsiao!

OMG really can't resist to hear his songs ~
I never stop hearing 新不了情 it's my fave out of all ~
I bet there will be alot fans fancy him like i did right?
Right right right?? The party gonna be so fun with him to be there this year !

Plus MC HOTDOG, Chang chen-yue the rock singer that first popular thx to his 1998 hit song 
*ai wo bie zou*..

Plus plus Manhand our famous local hip-hop band!
They had all the best own self-produced album.
Just love :)

Oh and never be less of  Paul wong & Ka-Keung (Beyond)!!

The most well-known band since 1983 from Hong Kong.
All their song i guess there need no explain cuz i bet everyone know their songs very well !

So last but not least , A-LIN !
The pretty voice Taiwanese singer.

Feel so excited now cuz all the superstars are here and i bet u don't wanna miss it!!
Now get an invite yourself !
Head on to the TAMF websitehttp://www.ilikeamf.com.my/

See u all soon, can't wait to see them rocking on the stage !! 

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