First attempt !

so here's my new post bout makeup tutorial that inspired by Jiyeon from T-ara <33
So since i'm being super free.
Hell yeah i'm done with all my assignment now!
Left one more presentation tmrw..
hmm..critical & creative thinking again..
I had been the same presenter for the whole entire month,
and i'm kinda bored of it.

it's my first attempt of having such tick eyeliner on my eyes.
And it's kinda fail,
but so then hope the girls will like it since some want me to blog bout it..
Okay let's start..

Erm.. all u need is a liquid eyeliner / a black color one,
(Better use gel eyeliner if u have)

and so first..
did a basic foundation on ur face.. :)

then conceal ur panda eyes if u had ,
oh well mine were huge.

apply a pencil eyeliner on ur both eyes,
a thin line will do,
bcuz u wanna cover the inner color in it..
I use brown cuz i dun have any black colour :X

p/s: Idk why my camera so goodgirl,the light auto corrected into a nicer outcome ! Haha.

then then ,
use ur liquid eyeliner or gel eyeliner draw the line from the front till the back..
then control the edge of the line..

so Jiyeo eye line was draw longer ..
so i try to draw longer but it end up like super fugly..
so i redo it .
oh ya..
u might wanna add on a fake eyelashes ,
and if u have natural long eyelashes,
apply mascara will do :)

Thus,i do enjoy the outcome.
oops spot my dog body..
He is sleeping ^^
Do leave me a comment if appreciate <33

Ok gtg go for another workshop.
Bye !


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