Last party ~

Dear readers, i'm so busy lately.
Ready-ing for my final..i got no time to blog ,not even an outing i can go except 
going to TAMF last sunday.
It was superb but damm hot and sweaty.
Thx to Nuffnang i won four tix at the Free standing corner
which were super close to the stars <333 
Jam hsiao was my favourite that day.
I never realise he was that cute.
Oh well, and here is it the picture will show abit of my update.
While i'm gona rush my Final project before i go for my internship.
Oh talking bout that,
i haven found even one design company yet.

That's all. Stay tuned for my next update.
A make up tutorial inspired by Jiyeon.
Hope girls will love it.
If you wanna see , leave me a comment :)

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