Sunday 27/5

at last i had sometime to blog, or actually i shud do the laundry now but...
I wanna blog first.
I miss my emo blog. Yeaah :D
Mmm.. okay let's talk bout my life recently.
I'm currently started my Internship so that is why i don't have time to blog.
Ya.. I work five days a week and the salary was -____- low like sh*t.
So then, the company was bored.
Yes really bored and er the people thr nt much friendly and the company was pretty silent all the time.
At least if u are in a haunted house you can still hear some ghost crying voice and creepy noise or what
but this was silent until i don't know how to describe. Urgh....
Plus, working hour was terrible,
waiting lift all the time, tons of people stuck all around here and there and there and there and there. -__-

Oh what's more,
my life was pretty boring nowadays,
the only day i rest was on saturday, and if i could just stay home and sleep, it's
already super awesome.
Sunday i work part time.. ppl was like seriously why are u so crazy.
But i'm actually mentally exhausted and my body seems like nt working.
So that is why i'm resting tdy. (seems legit)

Did anyone love Neon Trees?
They are like my favourite.
Addicted to that songs Everybody talks.

Okay this is boring.
Maybe i shud just attach some of the pic from my instagram cuz i'm really lazy.
I had a new haircut ytdy.
one inches of my hair was gone, and ya my hair was totally spoil and
lots of them had spilted into half.. eww.. :(

Pic from last Friday.
Bought Cookie crumble for the first time.. Yummy cuz it only cost half price. :D

Food from Ikea.
My dinner ytdy with my best friend.
We like so randomly get lost everywhere,
and heck i like the mushroom soup so much and the meatball seriously.. YUMMY!!!! 
Then...we went to the new mall Paradigm.
It was boring maybe cuz its new,
i use 12minute to walk finish the mall and yes exactly the mall was still so empty.

Mm..guess that's all i gonna blog tdy.
Follow me on my Instagram.

I will update my picha at there.
Okay so then enjoy ur weekend. I need my slp again. Byeeee~



I had my internship started of two days ago..and i was sick.
It was terrible.
I never caught a cold this serious and then i had to leave my job early before the time off.
It was seriously embarrassing bcuz i was the only Intern student who had such stupid problems.
Idk why i have to be so unlucky and spoiling my own image on my very first Design Job.
I feel so regret for not drinking more water and eating too much popcorn.
Duhh and the medicine fee really cost me much, 
luckily i had my buddy fetch me to the clinic if not im sure im really gonna faint at the moment.
So doctor ask me to take an mc one day.
The flu medicine really really really strong..I was so dead asleep.
Like i could nt be awake or be distract at all.
Now i feel so weak and clumsy..
By afternoon i even could not walk properly.
How i wish i could get better by tmrw..  
Start of my day again like a normal person except i really could not talk as 
i had lose my voice.
I'm such a failure. 
I wanna work harder and play more after this. 

God Bless.


Dark Shadow

Oh hey, my bestie gonna say thx god im updating my blog now.
She say my blog was quite dead recently and yet im updating smtg happy today instead of
being emo emo emo.. :D Yet.it gonna be a long long post of pictures !!
So yeah, a post bout my outing tdy,
went on a girl's date day.
We dint hang out together just two person for this while.
So, here Weng sze had is hungry and we went to take for our brunch
at Wong Kok restaurant.
I only ordered myself an apple juice and she order a spaghetti which i dunno wad the name.

Yet she's pretty hungry and enjoying her brunch and then we went for a walk.
Stop by my favourite photo shop.

After that we went for a movie.
Guess what were watching??

Dark Shadow !! Yeah.
U know ppl im a fan of comedy movies,
so i saw the trailer of the movie and it was quite nice,
so i we went to bought movie ticket tdy.
Yup and it was awesome cuz i did laugh alot.
Seriously i duno why i hate watching action movies,
i will just yawn at the cinema.
Yet Dark Shadow this movie is a-must-watch !
I still rmbr it till now. HaHa.
They movie just on show ytdy and i watch it tdy.
Weekdays is the best without fussing on queue-ing and no more seats.

Okay please stop me for being crazy bout Angelique the witch !!!
Eva Green was her real name.
Seriously i adore how wicked she was in the movie.
Love how woman-ish she was and the way she act in the movie.
>__<  Gorgeous !
Oh nt to forget bout Ian,
joining us for the movie :)
Then leave us after the movie.. lol wtf.

forget to mention again .__.
Saw smtg cute at Tokyo Street 6th floor!
Weng Sze and my version. Haha.

Yes and some cute thingy i spot !

After all this tired time of taking pictures,
we stop by Lot 10,
grab dinner with my favourite food of cuz,
Beef Noodles !!! Yum yum.

New bracelet for myself and that's it for today.
Gotta off to sleep.
Having sore throat T________T 
Goodnight ~


May 03

U know that feeling,
u wanted to talk, but u could not speak out.
There's one mouth, and there' is one heart to tell and to feel..
but why it seems so hard to say out smtg in an easy way.
It's hard to be a human without problems.
Problems occurs when it is, and u are here to solve it and nt to cry about it.
But it becomes so hard when u have to face it all alone.
Tell me,
what should i do when i left alone in this deep dark world,
there is no name on my phone call that i should beg for help,
no money in the pocket,
no person in love to be there for u anymore,
it's.............. EVIL right?

I dunno hw to descibe my feeling now..
I feel so stress sometimes.
WHY i have to face all this at once?
I really wanna leave this place and get away somewhr far..
I wanna be alone.
Somewhere nobody knows me.
Somewhere nobody will talks about me.
Somewhere nobody will remember me anymore.

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