Dark Shadow

Oh hey, my bestie gonna say thx god im updating my blog now.
She say my blog was quite dead recently and yet im updating smtg happy today instead of
being emo emo emo.. :D Yet.it gonna be a long long post of pictures !!
So yeah, a post bout my outing tdy,
went on a girl's date day.
We dint hang out together just two person for this while.
So, here Weng sze had is hungry and we went to take for our brunch
at Wong Kok restaurant.
I only ordered myself an apple juice and she order a spaghetti which i dunno wad the name.

Yet she's pretty hungry and enjoying her brunch and then we went for a walk.
Stop by my favourite photo shop.

After that we went for a movie.
Guess what were watching??

Dark Shadow !! Yeah.
U know ppl im a fan of comedy movies,
so i saw the trailer of the movie and it was quite nice,
so i we went to bought movie ticket tdy.
Yup and it was awesome cuz i did laugh alot.
Seriously i duno why i hate watching action movies,
i will just yawn at the cinema.
Yet Dark Shadow this movie is a-must-watch !
I still rmbr it till now. HaHa.
They movie just on show ytdy and i watch it tdy.
Weekdays is the best without fussing on queue-ing and no more seats.

Okay please stop me for being crazy bout Angelique the witch !!!
Eva Green was her real name.
Seriously i adore how wicked she was in the movie.
Love how woman-ish she was and the way she act in the movie.
>__<  Gorgeous !
Oh nt to forget bout Ian,
joining us for the movie :)
Then leave us after the movie.. lol wtf.

forget to mention again .__.
Saw smtg cute at Tokyo Street 6th floor!
Weng Sze and my version. Haha.

Yes and some cute thingy i spot !

After all this tired time of taking pictures,
we stop by Lot 10,
grab dinner with my favourite food of cuz,
Beef Noodles !!! Yum yum.

New bracelet for myself and that's it for today.
Gotta off to sleep.
Having sore throat T________T 
Goodnight ~

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