I had my internship started of two days ago..and i was sick.
It was terrible.
I never caught a cold this serious and then i had to leave my job early before the time off.
It was seriously embarrassing bcuz i was the only Intern student who had such stupid problems.
Idk why i have to be so unlucky and spoiling my own image on my very first Design Job.
I feel so regret for not drinking more water and eating too much popcorn.
Duhh and the medicine fee really cost me much, 
luckily i had my buddy fetch me to the clinic if not im sure im really gonna faint at the moment.
So doctor ask me to take an mc one day.
The flu medicine really really really strong..I was so dead asleep.
Like i could nt be awake or be distract at all.
Now i feel so weak and clumsy..
By afternoon i even could not walk properly.
How i wish i could get better by tmrw..  
Start of my day again like a normal person except i really could not talk as 
i had lose my voice.
I'm such a failure. 
I wanna work harder and play more after this. 

God Bless.

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