May 03

U know that feeling,
u wanted to talk, but u could not speak out.
There's one mouth, and there' is one heart to tell and to feel..
but why it seems so hard to say out smtg in an easy way.
It's hard to be a human without problems.
Problems occurs when it is, and u are here to solve it and nt to cry about it.
But it becomes so hard when u have to face it all alone.
Tell me,
what should i do when i left alone in this deep dark world,
there is no name on my phone call that i should beg for help,
no money in the pocket,
no person in love to be there for u anymore,
it's.............. EVIL right?

I dunno hw to descibe my feeling now..
I feel so stress sometimes.
WHY i have to face all this at once?
I really wanna leave this place and get away somewhr far..
I wanna be alone.
Somewhere nobody knows me.
Somewhere nobody will talks about me.
Somewhere nobody will remember me anymore.

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