End of June

Some photo's from my previous photoshoot for a online boutique named Shopaholie.
You can search for it at the Facebook.
I really look like i had gained some weight do i?
So then,
Happy weekend.
I can't wait to go out meet my loved ones tmrw.



Previous Trip

Blogging my super last last last malacca trip!
It's a long long time ago..
like...last month maybe?.__.
so shall i just let the picture do the talk?
Hell yes..
Let's begin.

FYI, the satay celup had make me queue for 2hours and 15minutes till my turn and the result was...
the taste was just so *biasa*..
I rather go for a normal steamboat.
So i'll just take it as a new experience.
That's all. 


Review of Melty cherry hair dye

I dye my hair myself!
Wanted to write a short review bout this new product.
Recently this product just got moved to Malaysia Watsons.
Cuz all i saw was this hair product was only sold at Thailand or other country..
Yea,and here is it Fresh Light Melty Cherry by Schwarzkopf.
It seems awesome cuz it's pink and i wanted to try smtg new for my dull brown hair.

So here the color that show if u are having which kind of color now and then 
the result that u get.
Mine was the middle one.
I guess if u need to get that pinky type u gotta bleach ur hair.

Here's the *ga chang* (stuff) inside the box.
U gonna pour that black thingy into the white thingy.
Luckily i did a small research on thailand blogger review on the product,
if nt i really duno hw to use..
U will saw the instruction paper all thailand word -____-

So there's a small hole for u to put the bottle inside.
In case u wont be to harsh and pour off the bottle or accidentally spilled
off the chemical of the hair product.
Nice isn't it? :)

After that u had that shake gently 5times before u squeeze it out.
Seriously i'm really dumb at D.I.Y this kind of stuff.
I had my whole bedroom mess up.
-__- so the best it to get someone to help u dye ur hair and u just sit like a boss.
That's my opinion lah.

Oh ya and here this my hair color before i dye.
Before Picture

Ugly color then 

After Dye 

I know.. No difference.
Just under the sun my hair look abit pink.
Bt luckily my ugly roots had been covered.

Overall this product was okay.
Great for people that want to have a try.
Will blog bout my previous trip at malacca next time.
Goodnight ! 

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