Review of Melty cherry hair dye

I dye my hair myself!
Wanted to write a short review bout this new product.
Recently this product just got moved to Malaysia Watsons.
Cuz all i saw was this hair product was only sold at Thailand or other country..
Yea,and here is it Fresh Light Melty Cherry by Schwarzkopf.
It seems awesome cuz it's pink and i wanted to try smtg new for my dull brown hair.

So here the color that show if u are having which kind of color now and then 
the result that u get.
Mine was the middle one.
I guess if u need to get that pinky type u gotta bleach ur hair.

Here's the *ga chang* (stuff) inside the box.
U gonna pour that black thingy into the white thingy.
Luckily i did a small research on thailand blogger review on the product,
if nt i really duno hw to use..
U will saw the instruction paper all thailand word -____-

So there's a small hole for u to put the bottle inside.
In case u wont be to harsh and pour off the bottle or accidentally spilled
off the chemical of the hair product.
Nice isn't it? :)

After that u had that shake gently 5times before u squeeze it out.
Seriously i'm really dumb at D.I.Y this kind of stuff.
I had my whole bedroom mess up.
-__- so the best it to get someone to help u dye ur hair and u just sit like a boss.
That's my opinion lah.

Oh ya and here this my hair color before i dye.
Before Picture

Ugly color then 

After Dye 

I know.. No difference.
Just under the sun my hair look abit pink.
Bt luckily my ugly roots had been covered.

Overall this product was okay.
Great for people that want to have a try.
Will blog bout my previous trip at malacca next time.
Goodnight ! 


  1. i think this fresh light dye has strong smell than bubble hair etude.. ;)
    nice review :)

    keep in touch

  2. Shelly- I never try the etude house bubble hair before,is it nice?


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