I don't know what the shit im blogging now..
I guess some people will be like..What?
Confession? On a blog? Go to the church and hide inside that confession box la.
Argh..whatever la.
I wanted to blog something nice bt end up emo again.
Yes i will make it the end of all those emo post again..okay?
I already trying to hear some good song while blogging this..
Tears had already all dry up..
I don't know what to say..
I been waiting for this guy that now wasn't really mine now and ever?
Yea..he don't worth to be with me.
I guess i put too much trust on him..i guess?
This is crazy cuz i had twice break up in a year? 
I know,i had been this freaking emo and heart broken for this half years,
yes i'm gonna end it..
I'm done with wiping my tears,
having my tissue box sleep with me every night,
falling into the same lies again.

I hope i really could make it..
not just stupid talk and write.
I'm gonna forget you this bad ass and i'm gonna concentrate on my Final.
Yea,bet you always say i'm childish,
you know when u really love someone?
You will be always silly around him/her.
Who that idiotic ppl that going to be so serious when they are together?
It's not like i'm a picky one,
i just want someone who could care about my feeling,
can be TRUST, 
i can COUNT ON,
i can be funny around him, laughing together,
is that hard?
Oh i dont know..
Maybe i'm blind,
i don't know how to choose a BF wisely,
too young they say,
still have many chance they say,
i mean how many break up u all still wan me to happen again,
Good guy?
of cuz, they are basically good when they were new,
but i dunno how bout others,
they met True love,
some met Heart Break until they wanna suicide,
i almost had the same thg happen to me once,
bt i told myself to be strong..
u know u don't worth dying for that person.
How much your tears drop he wont even care.
I fell for this guy this year,
he change me into a cheerful girl, 
a very happy one,
i thought we will never be apart?
Cuz i never thought of that,
because i trust him?
I trust him so much..until me myself changed alot.
Not even bout the appearance,
is my attitude,
from childish into a matured one..
I dont know why he cant realise my changes..
I mean i'm really that bad or it just a reason so u can dump anyone easily?
to u all boys out there,
if u really can let go someone this easily,
or else..
please go get a high building and jumps down from it.
Okay fine forget it,
i'll stop being this kind of stupid thing,
i can't belive i can stand his swag attitude all the time,
he ego-ness,
his selfish attitude,
that coldness towards me,
those unrespect attitude,
you know dude?
Someday you will get back the same Karma.
It's not like i curse you,
cuz if u do smtg bad to others,
you know u will get the pay back.
Thanks for lying me to wait for you,
say you're gonna come back to me when u settle all your thing and play invisible and
disappear for this few months.
Thanks for making me a joke which make all your friend laughing at me,
and thanks for telling me i'm just a friend on your birthday.
You got it dude, ur ugly life now.

You had your life,so do mine.
I'm so gonna burn that ugly flower u gave me.
Goodbye loser.


She's Mine

It's the last day of the weekdays again,
and i'm falling deeply in my super good holiday,
meanwhile also in my bankruptcy time o____o
Today i feel like blogging someone that really inspire me for being kinda Korean-ish
fashion.. I wonder would my readers love it..
I mean if you don't love what i blog you won't be reading it now..
Right?? *wink*
So her name was Park Sora 박소라

She's a korean model for StyleNanda.
A korean website that recently caught my eye.
Seriously i love all the clothe they sell and i wish i can grab it all !!

She is just gorgeous, i mean, argh idk...i just love her.
I use to love Do hweji more..
But now,idk why i keep stalk every info bout Park Sora only..

Okay i'm like freaking done with her picture now.
I'm not gonna tell u all that i will change like her,
me still me,
i'll be what i am and then,
If you want to know more bout her,
U better google for it :)
Anyway gotta tidy my room now,
enjoy ur weekend!


Looking at the empty sky

It had been a very tiring week isn't it?
I had ended my Internship at one design company.
It was an awesome experience,
i make alot of new friends,
and lovely colleague that treat me like precious,
had fun having lunch,
talking jokes, criminal issue, movies and food and food.
Love them alot, really alot.
Hopefully we will keep in touch,
they have me through the problems, 
miss u all especially Cathryn,Wenyi,Atira and Miki :)

Now here's the photo that i promise to post out on my previous post..
Isn't the photo looks great although it look kinda sad.
So it's Sunday, i had lots of fun on last friday ,
lose alot tention,
best friend are the best..
now i feel that my stomach had a bad day..
Too much kimchi and beers that i had take..
Gonna enjoy two weeks of my holiday before my semester start again..



Cheer up

Good Afternoon everybody.
How's your July month so far?
My internship going to end in a week and i'm happy
while i had a fun photo shooting yesterday,
and the come out was amazing,
gonna post it soon..
and i'm still a very emo girl, call me dramatic or what somehow..
But i'm trying to cheer up more,
sometimes i dont know i shud sad that i shud speak out what i feel 
or just get to know more bout the
problems only i shud decide to talk bout it.
At the end,i choose to be silent.
It's good ya know, i make myself calm down,
figuring why all this bad things happened to me,
what shud i do ,
and who shud i talk to..
Life won't just get better if you are not solving you problem right?
to all my readers out there, enjoy ur sunday and get's ready for
your school tomorow and start
waking up to go to work.
Cheer up more as i wish i could..


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