Cheer up

Good Afternoon everybody.
How's your July month so far?
My internship going to end in a week and i'm happy
while i had a fun photo shooting yesterday,
and the come out was amazing,
gonna post it soon..
and i'm still a very emo girl, call me dramatic or what somehow..
But i'm trying to cheer up more,
sometimes i dont know i shud sad that i shud speak out what i feel 
or just get to know more bout the
problems only i shud decide to talk bout it.
At the end,i choose to be silent.
It's good ya know, i make myself calm down,
figuring why all this bad things happened to me,
what shud i do ,
and who shud i talk to..
Life won't just get better if you are not solving you problem right?
to all my readers out there, enjoy ur sunday and get's ready for
your school tomorow and start
waking up to go to work.
Cheer up more as i wish i could..


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