Looking at the empty sky

It had been a very tiring week isn't it?
I had ended my Internship at one design company.
It was an awesome experience,
i make alot of new friends,
and lovely colleague that treat me like precious,
had fun having lunch,
talking jokes, criminal issue, movies and food and food.
Love them alot, really alot.
Hopefully we will keep in touch,
they have me through the problems, 
miss u all especially Cathryn,Wenyi,Atira and Miki :)

Now here's the photo that i promise to post out on my previous post..
Isn't the photo looks great although it look kinda sad.
So it's Sunday, i had lots of fun on last friday ,
lose alot tention,
best friend are the best..
now i feel that my stomach had a bad day..
Too much kimchi and beers that i had take..
Gonna enjoy two weeks of my holiday before my semester start again..


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