She's Mine

It's the last day of the weekdays again,
and i'm falling deeply in my super good holiday,
meanwhile also in my bankruptcy time o____o
Today i feel like blogging someone that really inspire me for being kinda Korean-ish
fashion.. I wonder would my readers love it..
I mean if you don't love what i blog you won't be reading it now..
Right?? *wink*
So her name was Park Sora 박소라

She's a korean model for StyleNanda.
A korean website that recently caught my eye.
Seriously i love all the clothe they sell and i wish i can grab it all !!

She is just gorgeous, i mean, argh idk...i just love her.
I use to love Do hweji more..
But now,idk why i keep stalk every info bout Park Sora only..

Okay i'm like freaking done with her picture now.
I'm not gonna tell u all that i will change like her,
me still me,
i'll be what i am and then,
If you want to know more bout her,
U better google for it :)
Anyway gotta tidy my room now,
enjoy ur weekend!

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