Feels like blogging for a bit at this hour before i head to bed pretty soon..
Gonna blog about yesterday outing with my BFF Ian !
His blond hair going to fade pretty soon.. o__o

We went to the book fest yesterday,
i was stuck inside it,
so many people weih~
I was a bit dilemma what to buy,
hmm.. like novel ah?
Non-fiction ahh?
Art book ahh?
No chinese book for me cuz i don't really know chinese,
if you really wonder, hmm..i can speak really well in mandarin and cantonese thou..
Please don't call me an ABC or what disgusting banana, i don't really appreciate getting call in that way.
So guess what i get?

i get myself a Pasta book !!
Gonna learn to cook like an Italianise wannabe !!
I just realize i'm addicted to pasta ~ Yummy~
Any nice pasta restaurant that you feel tasty? Leave me a comment so i can pay a visit at there~
The other one was a self-improve book..
Hahaha don't laugh at me, i might going to be a very very very MEAN GIRLS pretty soon.
After that we end up selca around after done straying around the hallway ~ ~

 I really love my hair yesterday,end up selca tons of picture in my phone x___x

But then due to my serious split hair,
i decided to have a new haircut...
find back my favorite stylist Alvin and here's my hair after cut ~ ~
Just one inches ++ shorter ~

A prettier hair now ~ 
Okay time to sleep, Good Night people ~


Nourriture = Food

Bonjour ~
Today i will be blogging about just food.
You guys will feel that i 'm crazy blogging food in the middle of the night..
besides, i'm feeling hungry too.... gahhhhhhh...
Here the pictures to make u all feel tempting and hungry naoo : py at 
So anyone loves Plan B ? I had my first try at Publika , Mont Kiara.
The place was awesome especially the environment and i didn't get to take much picture because my 
i forgot to charge my battery.. Double points for the chairs they flip up on top..really cool X))
So here's 

Eggs bennedict

Curry spaghetti ? Oops forget the name..


I'm getting fatter..
See my chubby face... Geezzzz...

Next, Nadeje Malacca
My favourite cakes of all ! So hungry right now -____-

Choc banana !!! Super nice one !!

Their signature flavour,
mild crepe is it?
But double love for choc banana~

I need food nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww okay,

Next !!

Food from Pat kin Pat Sun.
Chief sandwiches ! Yumm!!

I forgot the name...
It's a fish anyway..

Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant @ Mont Kiara

My new visit at here,
Nice place,
didn't get too take much picture cuz i'm hungry that day..
So here all of it.
Pictures was posted on my instagram Amber_TSL

Gonna grab my supper now,
feel super fat.
Goodnight and bye ! :)



So i changed my blogskin~ ~
I feel like it still look awful to me..Sigh.
And i dont know why Nuffnang become coding only on my blog.. no more ads pop out..
Can anyone tell me what happen?
Leave me a comment or anything...
So........i just finish my ice cream and now i feel like blogging abit.
Reading others blogger blog make me feel guily.
Mine was like a crap,boring,boring boring and boring.
Wanted to take photo of good food but...camera don't have battery..
Argh..so here a bit post of my last month trip.
Okay did u say last month ,,yeap..
Long time ago but still gonna post~

So here's the Trip,
at last i went to the beach this year,
Kitty promise to bring me go to the beach as i keep nag , 
"ME WANT GO BEACH !!", "ME WANT GO !!" like dat.
So five human go to Sepang gold coast.
It take us almost 2hour to arrive,
due to abit strawberry jam on the road.
They all dint plan to play water,
Argh..so end up im the only one who got bring extra clothe,
and we just stroll along the beach and take pictures.

The boys / The girls

We decided to watch the sunset,but due to our hungry tummy,
we decided to leave early ,
they have so much fun playing with the small crab..
and i keep screaming when i step on some sharp shell T____T
We went for a steamboat dinner at Kepong afterwards,
its a happy trip.Will plan to have a new trip soon.


Baby August

It's August,
okay i'm not showing my *pek chek* face arhh..
It's my nakedface ! Thumbs up for great confidence, 
girls don't really need to make up all the time mah..
will hurt your baby skin~
So,I try to blog more and more and more happy things and food of cuz !!
I ate so much lately, i'm getting fat and it's okay..
I'm happy thou ~ ~
So semester break is coming to its end liaooooo~
I'm glad i could be back a zombie..
Er..did i just mean it.
You know slacking all this time very bored,
me need more more more inspiration to move one !!
I want my result to get Flying colors this last semester !!
Yea~ Wish me luck.
Let's party less and oh and cant wait until October.
Big bang concert and who's going?? You you you and you?

Hm..gonna go out now,
hungry again,
next time will be back with some food post next time.
Byeeeeee ♥ ♥ 

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