Feels like blogging for a bit at this hour before i head to bed pretty soon..
Gonna blog about yesterday outing with my BFF Ian !
His blond hair going to fade pretty soon.. o__o

We went to the book fest yesterday,
i was stuck inside it,
so many people weih~
I was a bit dilemma what to buy,
hmm.. like novel ah?
Non-fiction ahh?
Art book ahh?
No chinese book for me cuz i don't really know chinese,
if you really wonder, hmm..i can speak really well in mandarin and cantonese thou..
Please don't call me an ABC or what disgusting banana, i don't really appreciate getting call in that way.
So guess what i get?

i get myself a Pasta book !!
Gonna learn to cook like an Italianise wannabe !!
I just realize i'm addicted to pasta ~ Yummy~
Any nice pasta restaurant that you feel tasty? Leave me a comment so i can pay a visit at there~
The other one was a self-improve book..
Hahaha don't laugh at me, i might going to be a very very very MEAN GIRLS pretty soon.
After that we end up selca around after done straying around the hallway ~ ~

 I really love my hair yesterday,end up selca tons of picture in my phone x___x

But then due to my serious split hair,
i decided to have a new haircut...
find back my favorite stylist Alvin and here's my hair after cut ~ ~
Just one inches ++ shorter ~

A prettier hair now ~ 
Okay time to sleep, Good Night people ~

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