Baby August

It's August,
okay i'm not showing my *pek chek* face arhh..
It's my nakedface ! Thumbs up for great confidence, 
girls don't really need to make up all the time mah..
will hurt your baby skin~
So,I try to blog more and more and more happy things and food of cuz !!
I ate so much lately, i'm getting fat and it's okay..
I'm happy thou ~ ~
So semester break is coming to its end liaooooo~
I'm glad i could be back a zombie..
Er..did i just mean it.
You know slacking all this time very bored,
me need more more more inspiration to move one !!
I want my result to get Flying colors this last semester !!
Yea~ Wish me luck.
Let's party less and oh and cant wait until October.
Big bang concert and who's going?? You you you and you?

Hm..gonna go out now,
hungry again,
next time will be back with some food post next time.
Byeeeeee ♥ ♥ 

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