Nourriture = Food

Bonjour ~
Today i will be blogging about just food.
You guys will feel that i 'm crazy blogging food in the middle of the night..
besides, i'm feeling hungry too.... gahhhhhhh...
Here the pictures to make u all feel tempting and hungry naoo : py at 
So anyone loves Plan B ? I had my first try at Publika , Mont Kiara.
The place was awesome especially the environment and i didn't get to take much picture because my 
i forgot to charge my battery.. Double points for the chairs they flip up on top..really cool X))
So here's 

Eggs bennedict

Curry spaghetti ? Oops forget the name..


I'm getting fatter..
See my chubby face... Geezzzz...

Next, Nadeje Malacca
My favourite cakes of all ! So hungry right now -____-

Choc banana !!! Super nice one !!

Their signature flavour,
mild crepe is it?
But double love for choc banana~

I need food nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww okay,

Next !!

Food from Pat kin Pat Sun.
Chief sandwiches ! Yumm!!

I forgot the name...
It's a fish anyway..

Bon-Ga Korean Restaurant @ Mont Kiara

My new visit at here,
Nice place,
didn't get too take much picture cuz i'm hungry that day..
So here all of it.
Pictures was posted on my instagram Amber_TSL

Gonna grab my supper now,
feel super fat.
Goodnight and bye ! :)

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