Stary stary night

Arhhhh and them i lazy to update my blog again..
Today i feels like updating a short tutorial of how to curl ur hair 
without using any electronic and heat stuff~
Leave me a comment after u finish this blog if you think is great? 
*syok sendiri*

So it's not something great but it's so spongy,
i don't know you girls had heard of the strawberry spongyy hair thg which
appear to be very popular at Japan or not.
Mostly all the japanese girls use it and so then i had my first try!
It was superrrrrr easy and niceee except that few strings of my hair get pulled away.lol.
If you know what i mean , so this is what i mean !
The one i have bought was in star shape,not strawberry.

So all u gonna do is arrange ur hair to different side then round around it.

This are the one i got search at google.
I mean the strawberry one are not mine ~
Pretty easy right?

You just gonna roll it over and left it overnight,
you can do it before sleep if u prefer super curly,
but for me i did it for 3 times now.
The first time i did was for 2hours plus++
The second time was just 45min
and the third time was just 30min.
I did it very quick but the outcome really nice.
My college mate thought curl my hair at the saloon XD
So if u prefer it to stay longer then i suggest you spray those hair product which can make
ur hair curls last longer.
If you ask what brand of hair product i'm using to keep the curl..
I would answer no cuz i don't have time to buy T___T arghhhh ..
Hope u girls had already tried it or maybe i'm a bit oudated.
So next part,
a bit update on the dress i'm selling recently,if you did subscribe on my FB u
may know or maybe u haven know..
Here's the one i'm selling..

Korean inspired basic dress ~

Lilac colour
Length 83cm
Suitable for S/M size ladies

Peach pink color 

For now i only left this two color available since,
grey color and black color was ALL SOLD OUT.
I'm selling it for RM42 (haven include postage)
Dress selling fast and not restockable,
good quality and super comfortable !  ♥  ♥  ♥

Last i had this Grey white color shirt  
Length of 72cm
Free size
You can pair with a legging pants or shorts~
One piece left,
selling for RM40 ,
i had the Black and white one but currently sold out due to the popularity >_<

Here is the one that i mean,
so why not email me now Kutzuki553@gmail.com for purchase :)
Or inbox to my FB ~

Okay gotta go sleep now,
gonna blog bout Food in my next post.
Goodnight readers and remember to click on to read the older post    


Soul Sister 14/09

Blogging my day out yesterday ^^
It was a fun day going out with three of my best friend.
Guess what we spend all our times stuck inside the ktv and i repeated the Gangnam style 
song for triple times just to dance XD
Err and to those people who actually don't understand what Gangnam style? means,
let me explain it,
Gangnam is a name of a place of korea which normally only rich people hangs out at there.
So thus this song is like PSY singing he got that style hanging out at there like a man ^^ so cool right?
Recently watched a video of him at Ellen show,
which i learned a phrase saying,
"Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy " ~~
He is so so so so cool <333
Okay let's get back to my outing post XD
Let's all the selca picture do the talk ~

Babe Shin yee <33

Babe Weng sze <33

The dude Ian <33 
Rambut macam k-pop XD

Some tiny pictures snapped from the photo machine <33

Last but not least #lotd
Dress imported from outstation,
great news i'm selling one of them,
no i mean there are more coming,
stay tuned if you are interested in this dress,
i still have few colors left.

Korean-ish inspire dress,
Stay tuned for now. ;) 


That XX

Addicted to GD That XX.
Did a small reading on people status ,
and saw one saying : Guys that could not give you happiness 
and tell you break up are the worst and the most useless guy.
So pay note girls, do not pick a wrong guy,
it an important matter that you won't choose someone that make you tears,
cuz your mascara is too expensive to be ruined. Trust me.

Here's September,
last semester of my Diploma,
i don't know why i don't feel stress,
maybe i slack too much, or i don't know what i'm really doing now.
I need some motivation,
motivate me maybe?

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