Soul Sister 14/09

Blogging my day out yesterday ^^
It was a fun day going out with three of my best friend.
Guess what we spend all our times stuck inside the ktv and i repeated the Gangnam style 
song for triple times just to dance XD
Err and to those people who actually don't understand what Gangnam style? means,
let me explain it,
Gangnam is a name of a place of korea which normally only rich people hangs out at there.
So thus this song is like PSY singing he got that style hanging out at there like a man ^^ so cool right?
Recently watched a video of him at Ellen show,
which i learned a phrase saying,
"Dress Classy, Dance Cheesy " ~~
He is so so so so cool <333
Okay let's get back to my outing post XD
Let's all the selca picture do the talk ~

Babe Shin yee <33

Babe Weng sze <33

The dude Ian <33 
Rambut macam k-pop XD

Some tiny pictures snapped from the photo machine <33

Last but not least #lotd
Dress imported from outstation,
great news i'm selling one of them,
no i mean there are more coming,
stay tuned if you are interested in this dress,
i still have few colors left.

Korean-ish inspire dress,
Stay tuned for now. ;) 

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