Cookie x Rex Day

I guess you readers know,
my blog is probably dead for sometimes.
I know and i feel bad.
All my friends complain how dead my blog is and complain me to update.
Glad that i still know there are people who likes to read what i blog.
So i was stuck with my Diploma project, i'm in my final year..
I got tons of stuff to be done,
i wonder how i'm gonna finish a whole website in two weeks and a magazine to be done,
newsletter and posters and more.
Okay don't ignore all my long words.. :(
Despite all the crap,
i really don't know what to blog.. i scare food post will be boring but i might blog bout
it soon cuz the place really really nice. Like seriously good! :)
So here's a short post about a day hang out with my best BFF Rex 

 Here a few of photo we took from Photo machine <33

Oh btw we had one very untasty taiwan restaurant at sungai wang.
Their noodles tasteless and really really untasty.
I forgot the name but this shop was located beside that Pontian noodle shop.
So don't visit them.
Super tasteless and don't waste money ,better eat smtg else.
Okay nothing much to blog now,
i hear the thunder again, you all had gone to *gao wong yeh* yet?
I haven go yet, i don't suggest you people go by weekends,
cuz it gonna be full until boom ! 

Oh and i theirs a rumour saying you can't view any notice from the fanpage
soon cuz have to pay for advertise except if you guys still loveeeeee me >_<
Add me into the Interest list now ~

Gotta get ready to go out for dinner now,
remember to click on nuffnang the lil banner on top of my blog :)
Tata ~

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