Be away

Dear readers,
i had a bad news to tell..
I was infected by Chicken Pox T_____T
I know it's sad..will be away for few weeks to rest and hopefully i could get well soon..
My whole body feel damm itchy..
My left ear kinda lost the function to hear anything,
doctor say my inners body was too hot.. :(
Everything seems to be turning bad.. or maybe i'm just thinking too much.
I hope the chicken pox go away soon..I really feel so suffering,
i'm in the middle of my final and now i could not attend classes,
could not check my work with the lecturer.
Worse part was the female lecturer,
i tell her my condition and telling her politely i will get back to her soon when
i get well.
Guess what she say? 
She ask me is it want to spread virus to your other classmate? Just stay at home.

Dafuq == cant someone just slap this bitch.
So no manner.
Now very good for you for being single now still in your 40's which almost 50's,
ugly woman who thinks she's elegant for what kind of shitx.
Get the hell out of my sight please.
I pay for the fees,i pay for your job and that kind of attitude you give me?

Now i'm gonna start scratching again..So damm itchy.


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