Namoo @ Publika

Yayyy it's another food post by me.
just a short update in case my blog won't grow spider web. AHAHAHAHA!
it's Namoo ( A korean dessert restaurant) and also my new love !
It's stated a home to good food and romantic times ♥ 
I blur the pic because there is a butt photo boom XD
Date of the day : Mr K 

As a graphic designer student,
i really love the menu of Namoo. It's had clean and tidy design on it.
Me likey ~
So the food i recommend was the Sweet potato cake !
It was a boom ! The flavor had the exact of sweetness, just perfect and not too sweet
with an ice cream on the side.

I had the ginger lemon drink and only cakes that day because i'm not really hungry~

Macha latte was his choice and also Bulgogi rice (Beef)

Another butt was there photo boom. LOL.
Okay the environment was okay, i like it :D

They had halloween deco when i come that time..
I guess now no more edi.
Okay will blog again on another day,
i will be leaving KL for two days from tmr. Hehe . 
Be bye.

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