Hey people !
Yes you ! Probably you are still alive when you are reading this post ~
Hahahaha hey people, why everyone hads been talking about doomsday?
Come on, don't die young.
Hear Die Young by Kesha is enough :ppppp

Today is *Guo Dong Day* (some chinese festival which was more
important than the cny)
That means i can play with Glutinous ball !!! lololol no dirty mind kay?
I actually feel sleepy already but still decided to blog some.
I don't want my blog to be dead.
Great news, Christmas is near and my birthday too and that's means i am
just officially 20years old. Good or bad?
HEHEHEHE 2013 is coming,
time to think about this year resolution..
Hm...had you all did what you want to commit yet?
I don't think i success all.

Oh and here's some a bit update of daily
this few days..

Some chit-chat time with my BFF Adly at Paradigm Mall,
he is a shopping freak !
Please save more money dude !!! 

Spot me with some scars beside my eye brown TT
Bad news, my face had chickenpox scars edi.
Blame the pox so itchy and then it pops TT
GOSH !!!!

Ignore my fugly look. (A picture we took on our last final )
Here's my fave BFF Rex , she's holiday-ing at Japan now !!!
Happy holiday bff ! 
I wan Rilakkuma :pppp

Okay goodnight for now.
Have a

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